Turbo4bio SERVICES

  • Processes, control, turnkey, for biological and membrane treatment  (including, if desired, monitoring, O&M and BOT)
  • Rehabilitation, optimization and spare parts delivery
  • Process of waste minimization and water reuse
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Transformation and development of residues
  • Project management and consulting
  • Leasing
  • Research and Development

Improve, optimize, while respecting the sustainability

Turbo4bio provide their clients with integrated sustainable engineering solutions for domestic wastewater with either custom designed or pre-packaged systems. ‘T4b’ provides characterization studies (lab/pilot plant), engineering design, project management, equipment and material procurement, construction, start-up and commissioning, operation and maintenance services for our custom- and pre-packed wastewater treatment systems.

Leasing Services:
We offer the opportunity for our clients to lease assets and service at a fixed monthly fee with a number of structured lease packages for either the custom design and build or the pre-packaged Turbo4bio Self-Contained Inline products. This allows a means of providing solutions for our clients without the upfront cost of the capital investment of purchasing a unit. Lease applications may involve the following:
• Waste stream bypass alternative: By leasing our assets you may plan and execute crucial maintenance, rehabilitation or refurbishment of your existing sewage treatment plants.
• Additional Capacity: As an operating entity, there may be a need to attain additional capacity due to an overly aggressive population growth. While your new facility is being constructed we can help fill that void with a functional facility that will not add to your daily sludge output.
• BOD Issues: Our technology can remedy plants that have BOD issues. We can retro-fit our technology (Turbo4bio  Units) to work in unison with your existing system so that your technology is more capable of dealing with a high BOD influent.
• Temporary Facilities: A new housing tract may require short or long term wastewater needs to be addressed until a permanent wastewater facility is ready to be utilized. Our units are easily transported and available to fill your temporary wastewater needs.
Operation and Maintenance:
The systems and solutions provided to our clients may also incorporate the operation and maintenance of the facility. We have the personnel to address and ensure that all of our customer’s needs are met and that your facility is operating at its optimal level via factory trained personnel.
‘T4b’ offers a maintenance agreement option with the sale of each wastewater solution. This maintenance service agreement will provide the owner of the system with a trained wastewater specialist who will perform all required operations and maintenance on the system on both a scheduled and as-needed basis to ensure peak performance and preventative maintenance. This feature will enable additional cost savings to the customer.
‘T4b’ also offer training programs for clients that wish to have new operators trained by our internal experts to ensure that the system operation is completely understood by the operator.