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The Turbo4bio BioChip™ chip is a specially developed high-performance carrier material for immobilizing microorganisms in very thin biofilms on a large porous surface area for the use in biological moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) or any such-like hybrid set-up as IFAS.
This specific carrier material has been developed for the COD- as well as for the N-biodegradation in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Due to its specific characteristics, the typical application allows the use in aerobic, anaerobic and also in anoxic processes. The result is measured in very high performance data for COD removal, nitrification and de-nitrification.

The Turbo4bio BioChip™ provides a protected surface area of approximately 3,000 m²/m³ and can be supplied on demand in different materials, material combinations, densities and pore sizes in accordance with the requirements, wastewater characteristics and processes.
Parallel trials with Turbo4bio BioChip™ and conventional carriers show in the direct comparison that the Turbo4bio Biochip™ volume can be reduced down to 90% whereas the same performance results are achieved. Consequently, it is a matter of fact that the specific and protected surface area available for the attachment an optimally thin biofilm is the key for high performance, and not the volumetric amount of any carrier material.

Also in terms of process-related aspects, the Turbo4bio BioChip™ is superior to any other carrier media: the paraboloid shape

The Turbo4bio BioChip™ carriers are formed like paraboloid flakes in order to ensure easily side flow, optimized moving characteristics at lowest energy requirements and best substrate supply to the thin biofilm. The carriers in the bioreactor are totally suspended and in continuous movement in the water as shown in the movies.

The microorganisms on the Turbo4bio BioChip’s are protected in the pores and the open surface is permanently cleaned by shear forces occurring during the movement and the contact of the carrier elements with each other.
Slime, sludge and other deposits of materials inside of carriers are not favorable for the growth of the micro-organisms. Hence, the self-cleaning by shear forces is one of the advantages of the Turbo4bio BioChip™.

A further positive result offered by using the Turbo4bio BioChip™ is that there is less reaction tank volume required compared to other carriers when designing a new plant or when upgrading an existing plant; provided by the availability of a significantly higher active surface area in the tanks. In new calculation and design, the use of T4b BioChips facilitates the extension of performance due to a remarkable reserve in the media filling volume

Upgrading of existing plants can be easily handled with additional filling into the moving bed biofilm reactor; it also possible to easily modify activated sludge systems or to replace a conventional carrier type with the high-performance media.

The Turbo4bio BioChip™ can furthermore be added to other sponge materials or carriers in combination as hybrid system.

Trendsetting and sustainable HYBRID & MBBR carrier technology

T4b Performance data COD removal

T4b Performance data N removal

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