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Kufa STP Start-up 2014

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12/03/2012 – Governor lays cornerstone of new Al-Najaf WWTP.

The 1982 build Al-Kufa sewage treatment plant in An Najaf city needed, after early 2000 rehabilitation work, to be extended, to comply with state regulatory requirements and to meet future demand due to the projected increase in population in the City. The official 2011 tender process was won by F&B Investement.

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18/01/2012 – Turbo4bio secures Iraq wastewater plant deal

Turbo4bio through its mother company F&B Investment, has signed a contract with the Najaf Governate for the new to build Wastewater Treatment Plant in the city of Kufa in Iraq, to provide a T4b® advanced IFAS-MBBR system – a water pollution control development with a $22 million USD investment.

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