Governor lays cornerstone of new Al-Najaf WWTP

12 March 2012

The 1982 build Al-Kufa sewage treatment plant in An Najaf city needed, after early 2000 rehabilitation work, to be extended, to comply with state regulatory requirements and to meet future demand due to the projected increase in population in the City. The official 2011 tender process was won by F&B Investement.

The ‘ground breaking session’ was attended this 12 March 2012, by Mr. Adnan Abed Khudyer Al-Zurfei, the governor of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf, Hussain Al Saabary, general director of MMPW in the An-Najaf province, Nizar Abed Abbas Director of Projects of MMPW, Hyderr Abbas, Responsible for Al Kufa District, members of the Iraqi Parliament and members of the governorate council of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf, with the participation of academics and researchers from Al-Kufa University. Besides it was attended by engineers, intellectuals and journalists.

“The $22 million Al-Kufa Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Renovation Project will address the improvement needs of the facility equipment, water quality concerns and population growth projections,” said Professor Dr. Hassan M. Al-Khateeb, senior coordinator in the Al-Kufa University water and wastewater engineering department.

Dr Hans Badreddine of F&B Investment and CEO of Turbo4bio, the project contractors, said “the An-Kufa Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion and renovation project is the first design-build innovative municipal water/wastewater project approved in Iraq.” He described it as a “state-of-the-art design-build-operate project, surpassing industry performance.” Its proprietary technology design will be co-executed with subcontractors Metito Overseas and the Deera Bureau for general trading, owner’s consulting representative the College of Engineering of the University of Kufa and the Water Sewage Directorate Project Engineering board. It is expected to be completed early 2013.

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