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Turbo4bio : a new dimension

Worldwide, only 2.5% of all water is fresh-water and nearly 90% thereof is not immediately available as stored in glaciers and polar ice-caps or in deep aquifers. Of all available, unevenly distributed, fresh water, 70% is already being used on a global scale today and much of it is polluted beyond human use.
Further growth of the world population and of industrial development will push both the global water footprint and the need for fresh water as its availability threatens to diminish.
Consequently, there is a growing need for sustainable water management and for recycling all types of industrial and domestic waste water back into the fresh water circuit, a challenge for future generations in which Turbo4bio hopes to play a major part.

Lux Research’ the Boston-based independent research house noted recently in its study that wastewater technologies most commonly used by cities today “gobble enormous amounts of energy, send megatons of toxic sludge to landfills and incinerators, and throw away valuable water that many communities could reuse”.

Turbo4bio seeks to distinguish itself, in helping decision makers and managers by offering a broad range of proprietary and specialist techniques, required for ‘online water treatment’ in large municipal installations, for instance. Be it new or to be retrofitted, expanded and upgraded facilities, while always reducing their carbon and water foot print.
Further it aims food, beverage, pharmaceutical and non-ferrous industries.

Solving the most pressing problems in wastewater treatment will require technologies as Turbo4bio’s that are not just effective, but also affordable to the rapidly growing market in the developing world.

Turbo4bio can rely on the strong support of its international partners in terms of presence, networking and experience.

Turbo4bio aims at long-term water treatment systems and 24/7 maintenance services.
The company also offers all-in packages that cover every step from design, development and implementation to long term maintenance and financing.

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