Just T4b-TR-packs

With Turbo4bio you can easily retrofit and upgrade existing sewage plants.

The JustT4b  Turbo Reactors are factory build, ready for hook-up and integration into your wastewater plant for immediate service.

Our proprietary advanced Biofilm Turbines can be rapidly deployed to bring sound solutions for existing wastewater stations problems like:

– Insufficient treatment capacity

– Increased BOD influent

– Not respecting the more stringent effluent parameters

– Out of budget operational expenses due to increasing energy, chemicals and general maintenance costs

– Sludge treatment issues

– Lack of land for plant extension

– Odor production questions

– Waste stream bypass alternatives

The modular construction allows the increase of the processing capacity by placing more JustT4b  Turbo Reactors in parallel for a design to the required capacity.

The compact T4b – Turbo Reactor, works by simulating and accelerating the natural process found in rivers, utilizing 100% attached growth that generates high concentration of ‘Bio-film’, thus eliminating the production of sludge and odor. Turbo4bio is the only system invented so far, where the attached bacteria can grow and form a homogeneous saturated biomass film, which serves as an enzyme factory to digest the sludge in the conventional inlet balance- tank, hence the achieved removal of 98% of the suspended growth. The unique design features of the system provide the self-cleaning capability of the T4b – Turbo Reactor against any possible clogging and make it almost maintenance free. The Turbo4bio process combines COD-BOD degradation (up to &>200 kg COD/m3 filling volume), nitrification (>4kg NH4-N/m3 of our T4b-carrier media per day) and de-nitrification. Biological phosphorous removal is optional. The effluent as such produced is very low in biological contents, odorless and contains minimum quantity of suspended matter while achieving all known effluent standards, including Total N <5ppm.

Gain part or all of Turbo4bio ’s advantages while integrating its T4b – Turbo Reactor ’s in your installation, namely:

High reliability – mechanically the plant is very simple with almost no moving parts, consequently there is little to fail during operation.

High durability – very long operational life, the choice of constructional materials, GRP for the shaft and polypropylene for the media carriers, ensure structural strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

Minimal sludge production – best in class performance, this means that sludge disposal problems are minimised.

Low capital cost – The plant has been shown to be significantly lower cost than its traditional competitors.

Low operational cost – a high efficiency plant, with very low energy consumption, leading to minimal operational costs

Minimal maintenance – virtually the only item for maintenance is the air compressor system.

Rapid shock recovery – High rates of biomass generation lead to rapid recovery of the plant from toxic shocks, although this is only applicable to industrial effluents

No operators required – the plant runs unattended and requires no special training for those that do make infrequent checks on the system.

Underground installation – can be completely concealed below ground, particularly useful where land is at a premium or where no visual disturbance is required.

Rapid Deployment – extremely short design to installation time, typically 2-8 weeks.


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