Just T4b BioChip

Trendsetting and sustainable Biofilm carrier technology from T4b, the attached growth Specialist

Turbo4bio BioChip® MBBR BIO-MEDIA
This unique BioFilm Media provided from us is self
cleaning with highest protected effective surface ratio, best
possible stable removal performance within smallest
footprints, low running costs & highly competitive.
The T4b-biofilm carrier chips are produced from a
material and with a procedure that, provided properly stored
and used, ensures a minimum clogging free aging time of
>10 years. T4b bio Chip’s are used in new or retrofitting &
upgrading needing industrial or municipal STP’s, be it in a
MBBR or IFAS lay-out & as biological treatment for
aquaculture systems or fish farms.
This attached growth Biofilm Media is made of virgin
proprietary polyethylene. Packed in 1.5 m³ Super Bags.

High efficient degradation, minimum required
volume, lowest energy requirement
and highest performance data.



The Turbo4bio BioChip® beats the pants of all
conventional carriers.
The tremendous approved efficiency rates
compared to other conventional carrier
are guaranteed in highest COD- and also Ndegradation

NOTE: This page is related to bio media sales only. Clients must make their own plant calculations & WWTP design.If you require engineering, we can provide this, depending on project size and involvement. You can request a quotation using our online questionnaire form, this normally works best if you have a good idea of what you want to achieve, so download your PRICE QUOTE FORM « Here »