Waste-water Benefits

Turbo4bio wastewater treatment benefits

The Turbo4bio effluent treatment plant is an advanced, high intensity, sludge aeration system. The plant is totally enclosed and is essentially non-mechanical in operation, ensuring a virtually odor-free, simple operation, environmentally friendly and long-life solution for the treatment of domestic, commercial and municipal sewage and, where appropriate, organic industrial wastewater.

The modular nature of the Turbo4bio provides a high level of flexibility in application. Installed in single, or in multiples either in parallel or series, the plant can be above or below ground to suit the local environment, site conditions and the available footprint.

The plant is able to treat flows from relatively small domestic populations up to large scale municipal sewage works and the modular concept allows phased installation where appropriate. The optimal loading rates compare favorably with traditional processes and allow for small footprints including long sludge retention times.

In the Turbo4bio process, self-digestion of the produced biomass is simultaneously occurring, resulting in lower sludge production rates compared to any other processes. Indeed using carriers in the ‘aeration tank’, as with MBBR, results in having both suspended and attached growth bacteria in that same tank. It is proven that this will always make that the suspended bacteria take over. Then in addition to the sludge produced by the suspended bacteria as bi- product it transforms the attached bacteria into sludge. So you have MORE sludge produced even with MBBR.

While in the T4b turbine ONLY attached bacteria grow and form a homogenic saturated biomass film, which serves as an enzyme factory to the AD-balance tank, hence the removal of 98% of the suspended growth.

In markets where it is hard to accept a ‘new technology’, we introduce our technology as ‘advanced’ MBBR, where we place the biofilm-carriers in the Turbo4bio reactor rather than in the aeration tank. And as such ours is a Compacter, Maintenance and SLUDGE FREE process!

The Turbo4bio system offers very competitive plant material capital costs, combined with simple, fast and cost effective installations to provide an attractive turnkey package.  This is backed by very low operational costs with minimal sludge yields and extremely efficient oxygen transfer and correspondingly small motors and optimal power consumption.

The technical benefits also include a fast biological start up so that the plant is treating the full flows and loads almost instantly compared to many package plants that need to ramp up over several weeks and often months.

Our innovative newest design combined with our bio-media, blower and sieves make the T4b-system run as a well-oiled turbo-machine, requiring little to no maintenance and lasting for a lifetime.

The Turbo4bio system is ideal for new installations and can be applied as a retrofit or upgrade to existing installations for capacity increase and/or improved treated effluent quality requirements.

The uniqueness of the proprietary Turbo4bio system process eliminates the need for tertiary treatment while producing the same or better treated effluent quality.

Enjoy the subtle application of pure Turbo -power.